Nutrition: A Way of Life

Your body is composed of and uses the elements (nutrients) of the earth to sustain life and maintain its well-being.

If your body becomes deficient in one or more nutrients, dis-ease and degeneration often result.

Certain nutritional supplements can help supply these life-sustaining nutrients, which are increasingly difficult to obtain from deficient foods.

Nutritional supplements should not be confused with prescription drugs. Drugs are often prescribed for a period of time in attempt to chemically address a particular problem. Drugs are designed to take the place of (or alter) your body's natural processes. Prescription drugs usually have a list of undesirable side effects. Be sure to get a second opinion from a qualified health care professional before taking any drugs.

Conversely, nutrition (including proper supplementation) is meant to be a life-long commitment. Fruits and vegetables should be a part of your everyday diet. A doctor may discontinue your use of prescription drugs. Nutrition is for life. Serious health problems may result from nutrient deficiencies.

Keep in mind, the results from eating a fresh garden salad, or taking dietary supplements may not be immediately apparent, though (with regular use) may be in seen in your longevity and quality of life.

If you fail to provide your body with the nutrients it needs for health, the consequences will be undesirable.

Make nutrition a way of life - a healthy habit.

[P.S. Visit our website for details on informative reports regarding the dangers of additives which are commonly found in processed foods and many dietary supplements.]

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