Are You Supplementing With Animal Parts?

Most consumers use nutritional supplements to promote and maintain good health. However, often unknown to consumers, there are "other ingredients" that are added to or used in the making of many dietary supplements.

Realizing the poor quality and problems associated with the use of tablets, because of the binders, adhesives, and other chemicals, some supplement companies have opted to manufacturer their products in capsules. Unfortunately, gelatin capsules have been the capsules of choice.

Gelatin is protein made by boiling the skin, bones, tendons, and ligaments of cows and pigs with water. It is then exposed to extremely harsh conditions including prolonged exposure to highly acid or alkaline solutions. Gelatin is used to gel, thicken, stabilize, emulsify, and bind many products. In 1992, the FDA requested bovine materials from countries where BSE (mad-cow disease) was present, not be used in gelatin products. However, in 1994, it stated that it no longer objected to its use. Nutritional supplements are often encapsulated in gelatin-based capsules. Although these capsules are less expensive, they may not be as safe or desirable as vegetable-based capsules.

If you do not intend to supplement with gelatin, make sure your supplements are encapsulated in capsules made from vegetables.

A growing number of manufacturers are joining World Image Naturals in using pure vegetable capsules, rather than gelatin, for the encapsulation of their nutritional supplements.

More information on supplement additives can be obtained in the report "Supplement Additives: A Special Report on the Undesirable Additives Commonly Found In Nutritional Supplements" available from World Image Naturals (

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