Effective Ephedra Alternative

Researchers have recently learned that Citrus Aurantium induces thermogenesis (the act of speeding up the rate at which the body uses calories), without affecting blood pressure and heart rate.

Citrus Aurantium is a natural digestive aid, derived from the bitter “Seville” orange fruit.  It has been used nutritionally for thousands of years. 

Citrus Aurantium is a safe, effective alternative to Ma Haung (Ephedra). Ephedra has been added to most weight loss supplements, and has similar thermogenic fat-burning properties.  However, Ephedra can cause elevation of blood pressure, over-simulation of the heart, and adrenal debilitation (to a person who is already low in energy).

Concerns with the problems associated with Ephedra use have prompted the FDA to prohibit its distribution and use in dietary supplements.

Weight loss supplements such as Perfect W-eight contain Citrus Aurantium, a superior alternative to Ephedra, to increase the body’s ability to metabolize stored body fat and provide the body with a greater amount of energy.

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