3 More Uses for MSM - Methylsulfonylmethane

Make Your Own “Mineral Hot Spring”

Natural mineral springs are very high in sulfur content. Sulfur (MSM) is a key ingredient in the healing properties of hot springs. Since MSM is a naturally occurring sulfur, adding it to a warm foot bath may provide many of the same benefits as a soak in natural hot spring. Simply add a handful of Original-MSM to a foot bath, or a cup full to your warm bath water.

Give MSM to Your Pet

MSM can provide similar benefits for cats, dogs, horses, and birds as it does for humans. Sprinkle some Original-MSM powder (or the contents of a couple additive-free Original-MSM™ capsules) into your pet’s food or water, to help with pain, skin problems, or for general health maintenance.

Add MSM to Your Favorite Personal Care Products

Some companies offer products such as lotions and shampoos containing MSM, though at a premium price. You can make them yourself and save money. MSM can be added to your favorite personal care products you already have in your home. Although the greatest benefits are derived from taking MSM internally, putting some on your toothbrush may help gum or mouth problems. Adding Original-MSM™ to a lotion or hair care product may increase the benefits to the skin and hair, and provide additional pain relieving benefits. [For best results, no more than 15% of the total volume should be MSM.]

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