Little known facts about Vitamin C

Vitamin C:

... can’t be produced by the human body, therefore we must rely on an external supply from foods or supplements.

... is needed in large quantities by the eyes to prevent the lenses from becoming cloudy. (A condition known as cataracts.)

... can promote the excretion of heavy metals such as lead and mercury found in dental work, environmental toxins, and cigarettes. (up to 25mg of vitamin c is destroyed with each cigarette smoked).

... prevents nitrates (found in drinking water and processed foods) from being turned into carcinogenic nitrosamines.

... in mortality study of 11,000 participants in 2001, showed supplementing with just 800mg or more of vitamin c daily increased the average life expectancy by 5 years!

... helps allergies by preventing the excretion of histamines and regulating their decomposition without any side effects.

... strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

... is of particular importance to diabetics and smokers who need greater amounts of antioxidants.

... is a natural pain killer- it blocks prostaglandins similar to the way aspirin works.

... deficiency can manifest itself in bleeding gums, joint pain or swelling, nosebleeds, and slow wound healing.

... is easily destroyed by cooking- especially cooking in copper or iron.

... works synergistically with Original-MSM. (they have a greater effect when taken together.)

... is nearly impossible to overdose on because any excess is excreted through the urine. (bowel intolerance is used to measure the maximum dosage- if diarrhea occurs, reduce the dose.)

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