Aluminum & Your Health

Small amounts of aluminum entering the brain can be toxic and cause terrifying illnesses. Why should this concern you? Is aluminum getting into your brain?

There are many aluminum-containing products on the market which can be potentially harmful to your health. The following is a list of products that may contain aluminum [alternatives are listed in brackets] :

Aluminum cookware, utensils, and aluminum foil [use stainless steel cookware]
Antacids [use digestive enzymes and make dietary changes]
Anti-inflammatories OTC [use Original-MSM]
Antiperspirants [use natural deodorants]
Baking powder [use natural alternatives]
Beverages in aluminum cans [use bottles]
Bleached flour [use 'whole' flour products]
Dental amalgams [replace]
Douche [use natural recipes]
Grated cheese and various commercial cheeses [avoid]
Municipal treated water (tap water) [use purified water]
Nasal spray [use natural alternatives]
Over-the-counter pain medications (e.g. aspirin) [use natural alternatives]
Shampoo [use natural shampoo]
Table salt [avoid; use sea salt]
Tobacco (smoke) [avoid]
Toothpaste [use natural toothpaste]

Aluminum toxicity can cause a variety of debilitating symptoms and health problems including: anemia, bone softening, calcium deficiency, colic, decreased liver and kidney function, gastrointestinal disturbances, headaches, memory loss, muscles pain and weakness, nervousness, rickets, and speech problems.

Researchers suggest that there is link between aluminum toxicity and neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, dementia, Parkinson's disease, speech difficulties, and staggering or loss of balance when walking. Even behavioral problems among schoolchildren have been associated with an increased level of aluminum.

Select the products that you use very carefully. Aluminum-containing antacids and antiperspirants should be of particular concern, since these are most often used. Read the product labels and avoid those which contain aluminum or aluminum compounds (e.g. dihydroaluminum). [Copyright © 2004 World Image Naturals™, Inc. ]

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