5 Ways to Boost Brain Power and Get More Out of Life

You can enhance your ability to think and concentrate, and boost your memory and recall with these five brain power tips.

1. Water.

It is important that you drink water throughout your day. The prevailing recommendation is that you drink at least 64 ounces of water each day. More is needed when increased perspiration takes place (e.g. while working, exercising...). Your brain is about 75% water. Even as little as a 2% decrease in the available water to the brain can cause mental disturbances affecting concentration and memory. [See also: Water: Most Important Supplement.]

2. Exercise

Physical exercise increases circulation to your brain. Exercise can improve mood, increase cognitive ability, and promote better sleep. Mental exercise of the brain is equally important. Some fun ways to exercise your brain include: reading, playing board games, and completing word puzzles. [See also: Exercise Tips and Improve Your Memory.]

3. Nutrition.

Feed your brain the fuel that it needs to perform at its best. Make it a point to include fresh, raw foods (fruits, vegetables...) in each of your meals. Complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids are essential to proper brain function. Dietary supplements can help close the gap between what nutrients you are getting in your food and those that you should be getting.

4. Stay Positive.

Good thoughts calm and optimize your brain. Bad thoughts stress and cloud your brain. Just as bad thoughts can bring fear, pain, and poor health, positive thoughts can bring hope, relief, and good health. Don't underestimate the power of your brain. The brain's biochemicals can create the conditions for disease from distressed mental conditions. Brain cells are changed by the thoughts we hold. Thoughts that lead to depression can cause problems with the brain and immune system, just as thoughts of falling in love can boost them. Your beliefs hold more power over your body and its wellness than perhaps anything else. Your mind influences every cell in your body. Stay positive and your brain will follow. [See also: Think and Grow Well.]

5. Sleep.

You know how you feel and perform without sleep. You lack energy, cannot concentrate or think properly, and you lack the necessary motivation and ability to get things done. Proper rest energizes you brain so that you can perform at your best. Get a good night's sleep every night and your brain will function at its best. [See also: Importance of Sleep.]

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