Help for Tired Aching Feet

Have you been doing a lot of shopping? Entertaining? Working? These types of activity can leave you with tired, achy feet.

As we age, the natural fat pad on the soles of the feet begin to thin. Placing an orthotic cushion in your shoes may help to compensate for your loss of natural cushion, and allow you to be on your feet longer (without as much pain).

Your feet have approximately 250,000 sweat glands, and can excrete as much as 8 ounces of moisture each day. Therefore, it is important to remember to drink plenty of water.

Keep your toenails trimmed, straight across, to avoid painful ingrown toenails Always wear shoes that fit properly.

If you overdo it and end up with swollen, tired feet, resting with your feet, elevated above your head, for 10 minutes will help to reduce swelling. Soaking your feet in warm water and bath salts or MSM will feel great. [Copyright © 2004 World Image Naturals, Inc. ]

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