Colostrum and Autoimmune Disease

Colostrum is the fluid secreted by the mammary glands of all mammals at the time of birth. It promotes growth and jump-starts the immune system.

Supplementing with Colostrum has many health benefits ranging from anti-aging to fat burning, but for those suffering from an autoimmune disease it is its ability to regulate the immune system that may be of greatest importance. Colostrum contains a Proline-rich Polypeptide (PRP), a hormone that regulates the thymus gland. PRP can help stimulate an under active immune system or calm an overactive system. An overactive immune system attacks healthy tissue and can cause serious and debilitating damage as seen in autoimmune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Lupus, Scleroderma, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

Colostrum is not a drug, rather a food designed by nature. It's a safe and natural substance with no known side effects. Research has shown that most of the important immune and growth factors for humans can be provided by bovine (cow) Colostrum. It is the only Colostrum that is not species specific. Bovine Colostrum provides health benefits for adults, children, and other mammals such as dogs, cats and horses.

Colostrum is best when it comes from certified dairies in the northern United States of America (USA). Inferior forms of Colostrum come from pasture fed cows in warmer climates such as New Zealand. Cows from the northern USA are fed vitamin, mineral, and other nutritional supplements, and they develop robust immune systems due to the extremely cold winters. Cows from New Zealand are left to graze on vegetation from nutrient depleted soils, and are more likely to have weak immune systems.

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