What You Need to
Survive a Disaster

A Guidebook to Preparing a
Portable Emergency Kit

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"If there was ever a time that this information was so desperately needed it's now!"


"Earthquakes, floods, storms, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters may occur with little or no notice with devastating consequences."

Floods • Tornados • Hurricanes • Volcanic Eruptions
Tsunamis • Earthquakes • Terrorist Attacks (Chemical, Nuclear, Grid)
Severe Storms • Health Epidemics • Fires (Wildfires)
Transportation Problems (Strikes, Fuel Shortages) • Vehicle Breakdowns
Road Closures (Accidents, Avalanches, Mudslides, Bridge Out)
Celestial Catastrophes • Wars • Technological Crisis (Widespread)
Economic Collapse • Riots • Anarchy • Radiological Accidents


"Police, fire, and other agencies do their best to educate the public on how to protect their lives and property. Emergency personnel realize that they cannot be everywhere at once. And we should be aware of this and prepare accordingly."

We live in tumultuous times. Government officials warn that chemical, biological, and nuclear threats are probable and that the public should get ready.

Itís too late to prepare once disaster strikes. And it may strike today, tomorrow, or in the near future. Itís happened before; it will happen again.

The fact is weíre all vulnerable. Anyone may become a victim. Donít wait for the proof!


"All other activities or tasks that we have to do are dependent upon us being alive to do them."

Perhaps the most understandable reason for being unprepared is the lack of know-how. In this book, you'll discover what you need to keep you and your loved ones alive in the event of a disaster.

You'll learn motivating solutions to overcome the obstacles that get in the way of emergency preparedness.
You'll learn about low-cost, tested and proven emergency supplies that are better alternatives to the inferior items that appear on typical checklists.
You'll learn why many of the suggested items for 72 hour kits are impractical and may lead to a potentially-dangerous false sense of security.
You'll learn what to have for children and pets to keep them safe and calm in the midst of calamity.
You'll learn which types of popularly-suggested containers and storage options to avoid and which to use.
You'll learn about lighter, more versatile (multiuse) item selections that may ultimately make the difference in providing a successful outcome when disaster strikes.
You'll learn how a simple waistpack could help to save your life.
You'll learn about the importance of common drinking water and how to be sure that you and your loved ones have enough.
You'll learn which type of water containers to use and those to avoid.
You'll learn 4 simple methods of disinfection that will make contaminated water safe to drink (and even improve the taste and quality too).
You'll learn about ineffective, yet popular, methods of treating water that could make you very sick.
You'll learn about a 4-ounce gadget that you can carry anywhere you go to kill pathogens with the push of a button.
You'll learn about a method of water purification that you can perform with a ordinary bottle.
You'll learn about some easy food selections - that require no fuel or cooking.
You'll learn exactly what will keep you safe and sound, even if your home is destroyed.
You'll learn about lightweight clothing options that will protect you from the elements.
You'll learn about common household items that are vesatile enough to shield you from the sun, rain, snow, and wind.
You'll learn what to gather for an effective first aid kit.
You'll learn what you need to get the attention of others when you need it the most.
You'll learn the most important features of a good emergency radio.
You'll learn about the best types of lights to have on hand -- and which batteries are going to function in the worst of conditions.
You'll learn which phone numbers you're likely to need when things go wrong.
You'll learn which emergency items need to be periodically rotated or replaced.
You'll learn which items are not commonly kept in any emergency kit and how to be sure they're available when they're needed.
You'll learn where to keep your supplies so that they're ready when you need them.

And you'll learn much more about practical emergency supplies in these categories: Containers, Water, Food & Cooking, Shelter & Clothing, Personal Care, First Aid, Communication & Navigation, Tools & Miscellaneous Items, Documents & Information, Babies, Young Children, & Pets, Item Rotation & Storage, and More!


"You're not prepared until you're absolutely prepared!"

How much are you and your loved ones worth?

Think of all the other things that we spend our time and resources on. Why do we put off what's most important?

You're just a click away. Get this step-by-step emergency preparedness guidebook and put together your kit. It's easy! And, in many cases, cost less than a movie or beverage.


Don't hesitate. Stop the procrastination here and now!

What You Need to
Survive a Disaster

A Guidebook to Preparing a
Portable Emergency Kit

Digital Ebook in Adobe PDF (Get Free Reader)

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You came to this web page for a reason. And we're glad you did. Too often people pass on the simple things that can make a big difference in their lives. You've come farther than most. Good for you.

There are some fundamental things in life that we need to do to protect ourselves. And putting together an effective emergency kit is one of them. It can be the difference between life and death. That's not hype. It's just the way it is. And we must not be so naive to believe that bad things will never happen to us.

The time to prepare is now! Not after disaster strikes. It's likely to be too late then - and oh how people wish they'd only given a little of their time to ensure a better outcome.

This guidebook explains exactly what you need to keep you and your loved ones safe for just about every disaster imaginable.

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