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Calcium Mineral Supplement
Ionic Crystalloid Angstrom-Sized

Additive-Free Dietary Supplment
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American Made Product

World Image Naturals™ offers the finest form of dietary calcium supplement available. Like calcium found in nutritious plants, Calcium Ionic Mineral Supplement is completely absorbable by the body - unlike other newly popularized forms such as Coral Calcium1 (calcium carbonate) and Colloidal Minerals2 (small rock particles).

Calcium is responsible for a variety of important functions. In addition to its widely known ability to strengthen bones and teeth, it regulates heartbeat and muscle movement, controls the pH of the body, ensures that ingested nutrients permeate cells, and is necessary for DNA replication (which enables the body to repair itself). According to nutrition professionals, the American diet is more lacking in calcium (or the proper form of calcium) than any other essential food. This deficiency has led to various dysfunctions, abnormalities, and degenerative problems.

Adequate and proper calcium intake is essential for increasing and maintaining bone density and preventing osteoporosis. When there is insufficient calcium in the bloodstream, the body will draw what it needs from the bones - weakening them and increasing the risk of fracture. The body may then build bony deposits and spurs, thereby reducing normal movement and limiting physical activity.

Calcium stimulates muscles to contract, including the heart muscle. It helps to regulate the heartbeat, aids in lowering blood pressure, and increases HDL (good) cholesterol. Several studies also indicate calcium may help lower the risk of breast and colon cancers. It appears calcium regulates the breakdown of fat and is therefore useful in controlling weight gain by increasing the amount of fat the body uses for fuel.

Asthma symptoms may be relieved by calcium, due to its ability to relax the muscles surrounding the bronchial tubes and alter the permeability of the cell walls - allowing more nutrients to get in. The calcium ion is responsible for feeding every cell in the body. Without calcium DNA cannot replicate itself. Muscle pain, cramps, twitches and even convulsions may suggest a calcium deficiency. Low calcium levels result in low body repair and premature aging.

Vitamin D is necessary for proper calcium absorption. The human body manufactures vitamin D from adequate exposure to sunlight3. Magnesium4 regulates the flow of calcium within the cells. Therefore it is important to maintain adequate levels of vitamin D and magnesium for proper calcium absorption and use in the body. Caffeine and phosphoric acid, found in most sodas, limit calcium absorption or cause calcium loss. Additional calcium is required to counteract the effects of these substances.

World Image Naturals™ Calcium Ionic Mineral Supplement does not contain any artificial color, flavor, additives, or preservatives. It does not interfere with prescription medications. The daily recommended dosage is one teaspoon for adults, though most take one tablespoon for best results. Calcium Ionic Mineral Supplement is available in a 16 fluid ounce size - which provides 32 one-tablespoon doses.

1Coral Calcium is calcium carbonate - a mineral compound from limestone (ground coral) - not true calcium. Calcium Carbonate is not a proper, digestible form of calcium for the human body. Calcium Carbonate often contains heavy metals which can be dangerous. This form of calcium is better suited for lawn care, and the making of chalk and cement - not dietary use. While many of the health benefit claims made by proponents of Coral Calcium regarding the actual mineral calcium may be true, Coral Calcium is a very poor means of supplementing the body's calcium requirements for optimum health. [Beware: Calcium Carbonate is also found in popular antacids.]
2Colloidal minerals can be very high in sodium and heavy metals. They may also contain particles too large for the body to assimilate which may cause toxic buildup.
3Thirty minutes of sunlight per day should provide your body with enough Vitamin D.
4Magensium Ionic Mineral Supplement is available from World Image Naturals™, Inc.


Calcium Ionic Mineral - Experience the Difference!

100% Pure Additive-Free   Made in the USA Safe Most Effective Great Price

Calcium Ionic Mineral Supplement - 16 Fluid Ounces
Suggested Use: One tablespoon daily - 30-day supply in each bottle.

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Calcium Ionic
Mineral Supplement
16 Fl. Ounces
1 Bottle $29.95 ($7.00) ($22.95) $22.95 Currently Unavailable
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