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Water Of Life Multimineral
Ionic Crystalloid Angstrom-Sized

Additive-Free Dietary Supplement
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American Made Product


Did you know that a mineral deficiency is serious enough to kill a moose?
It's true! Remember "Morty the Moose" from the opening credits of the television show Northern Exposure?
A mineral deficiency took Morty's life at the young age of 6 years old.

We are not supposed to eat dirt to obtain nutrients!

Many 'mineral' product manufacturers must
think that we are meant to eat rocks or metals - considering rocks and metals (from mines)
are what they add to their products for 'mineral' content.
[Many multivitamin and mineral products contain extremely hard-to-digest (rocks and metals) mineral compounds.]

Minerals must be in their elemental, atomic state to hold an
electrical charge.  Minerals without this charge are locked and unstable.

Even charged minerals can be too large to enter cells, which is the case
with most colloidal and mineral compounds found in tablets,
capsules, and so-called 'fortified' foods and juices.  These compound
mineral particles (rocks and metals) are normally the size of a micron or larger
- too large to enter human cells.

World Image Naturals'™ minerals are 10,000 times smaller than a micron, and
can freely move through human cells.  They are in the form that we are meant to
consume minerals: ionic, crystalloid, water-soluble, and  charged
- like those in plants and glacier water.

Even plants don't eat rocks - microbes digest the rock material for plants to consume.

Ionic Minerals are already in a form that human cells recognize and readily utilize.

"Your mineral needs are even more important than your vitamin needs, since your body cannot make minerals."
- Dr. Henry Schroeder, M.D., Ph.D. (Dartmouth College)

World Image Naturals™ provides the most effective form of minerals on the market. Like those found in nutritious plants, these minerals are in an ionic form which are completely absorbable - unlike mined, mineral compounds and colloidal minerals (which may cause toxic buildup).

Water-soluble minerals are essential to physical and mental health. Minerals are required for the proper function of every system of the body. Due to mineral (nutrient) depleted soils, unnatural farming techniques, premature harvests (to hurry food to market) and poor handling and storage of food, many people are experiencing health problems due to mineral deficiencies. Water-soluble, ionic minerals are recommended for daily use, to give the body the much-needed minerals required for optimum health and well being.

Minerals are Important - Your Body Cannot Make Minerals!

Without minerals, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, and hormones are useless.

Water-Soluble minerals are the foundation of health!

Water of Life Mineral Supplement is a liquid concentrate of 4000+/- parts per million of a natural assortment of approximately 84 minerals in a water-soluble form. Water of Life Mineral Supplement is a crystalloid, water-soluble mineral supplement. Unlike the recently popularized colloidal mineral products, Water of Life Mineral Supplement is not suspended compound and/or metallic particles. While colloidal minerals may be touted as plant-derived, they remain non-absorbable particles, which can build up in the body and possibly cause "heavy metal toxicity" and other diseases. Colloidal mineral supplements are simply small particles (some explained as having an appearance of coffee grounds) suspended in a liquid solution. Moreover, colloidal minerals are most-likely bound with other matter, resulting in compounds that are even more difficult for the body to assimilate.

Facts About Colloidal Minerals
Colloidal minerals cannot diffuse through a cell membrane!
A colloidal mineral product is not ionic nor crystalloid!
The physical opposite of colloidal is crystalloid.
Colloidal Minerals can be extremely high in aluminum and sodium.

Minerals from living plants are not the same as minerals from the so-called "plant-derived colloidal mineral deposits." Minerals in those ancient deposits have undoubtedly changed their composition and structure over the centuries. The "colloidal minerals" are not derived from living plants, nor are they bioavailable, water-soluble minerals! While in some ways colloidal minerals may seem better than the compound minerals found in popular store-bought supplements, they are somewhat similar. Colloidal minerals are simply smaller rocks suspended in water or sugary solution. A true water-soluble mineral supplement has no visible particulate matter. The mineral solution must be clear to be pure!

"You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency"
- Dr. Linus Pauling

Water of Life Mineral Supplement is truly ionic and comprised of actual ionic minerals - not compound-minerals suspended in ionized water (like colloidal minerals). The ions that make up Water of Life are about the size of an angstrom (10,000 times smaller than a micron or one ten-millionth of a meter). Colloidal minerals are usually one micron or larger in size (much larger than many human cells). A micron is millions of times too large for proper cell osmosis. Thus large, colloidal, particles could possibly remain in the body and accumulate. Because Water of Life Mineral Supplement is water-soluble, its ionic minerals may freely move throughout the body and unused minerals may be safely discharged from the body.

Water of Life Mineral Supplement does not contain artificial color, flavor, or fragrance, additives or preservatives. There is no sodium1 or fat and it's hypoallergenic and suitable for vegetarians. Unlike single mineral products targeted to specific health needs, Water of Life is a perfect nutritional supplement for overall body maintenance.

1Colloidal minerals can be very high in sodium. Water of Life Mineral Supplement is sodium-free.

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"Our physical well-being is more directly dependent upon the minerals
we take into our systems than upon the calories or vitamins, or upon the
precise proportion of starch, protein or carbohydrates we consume."
- U.S. Senate Document Number 264 (1936)

Water of Life Multimineral - Experience the Difference!

100% Pure Additive-Free   Made in the USA Safe Most Effective Great Price

Water of Life Multimineral - 16 Fluid Ounces
Suggested Use: One tablespoon daily - 30-day supply in each bottle.

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Water of Life
16 Fl. Ounces
1 Bottle $29.95 ($7.00) ($22.95) $22.95 Currently Unavailable
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