THOR-Plex™ - Benefits for Women

The following information explains how each ingredient in THOR-Plex™ is of great benefit when used by women!

Ginkgo Biloba - In the US Ginkgo Biloba is most commonly used as an antioxidant and as an aid for memory and mental acuity for both men and women. It helps maintain normal circulation to the brain and extremities and supports the vascular system by sustaining the strength and elasticity of blood vessels and capillaries.  [Note: People taking aspirin or blood thinners should get their doctor's advice prior to taking Ginkgo.]

L-Arginine - Arginine enhances circulation and sensitivity in the clitoral area. It causes the production of Nitric Oxide (the basis for clitoral erection and excitement), which improves clitoral circulation leading to increased physical pleasure even for women who have already experienced a loss of sexual desire.

L-Glutamine - Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in muscles. It is needed throughout the body for optimal performance. Studies have shown that Glutamine supplementation can minimize the breakdown of muscle. It also increases the body's ability to secrete Human Growth Hormone, which helps metabolize body fat and support new muscle growth. Maintaining muscle is equally as important for women and men.

Muira Puama - Muira Puama can increase blood stimulation to parts of the body needed for sexual arousal in both men and women. Brazilians have long used it for menstrual cramps, PMS, lack of sexual desire, and inability to achieve orgasm.

Tribulus Terrestris - Tribulus Terrestris has a long history of use in China and Eastern Europe. It has been found to be beneficial for hormonal problems in both men and women. In research done by the Chemical Pharmaceutical Institute in Bulgaria, fertility and libido improved in men and women taking Tribulus. It balances the hormonal system promoting regular menstrual cycles, relieves many symptoms of PMS and lessens the symptoms of menopause. Tribulus also has a stimulating and detoxifying effect on the liver and is excellent for those with high cholesterol levels.

Damiana - Damiana is Mexico's herbal version of Viagra and has been used for centuries by women as well as men. It strengthens the nervous and hormonal systems and stimulates the genito-urinary tract, acting as a mild aphrodisiac. Damiana also has a relaxing effect.

Saw Palmetto - Saw Palmetto is widely used by men in many countries for its beneficial effects on the prostate and urinary tract. However, it is also used by women to treat infertility, painful periods, and problems with lactation. It helps promote blood circulation as well as treating ovarian and uterine irritability. Saw Palmetto inhibits androgen and estrogen receptor activity and may be beneficial for both sexes in balancing hormones. It has been used for reduced sex drive, impotence, and frigidity.  [Note: Because of its hormonal effects, pregnant women should not use Saw Palmetto.]

Panax Ginseng - Panax Ginseng combined with Muira Puama contributes to better adrenal function, an important source of sex hormones. It also contains hormone-like compounds that are similar to oestrogen. (Oestrogen is a female hormone that controls female sexual development).

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