Should You Avoid Coral Calcium?

Calcium is one of the most important minerals you can supply your body. It is used in every cell in the body – and is responsible for the regulation and health of all of your body systems (circulatory, skeletal...).

Probably the worst form of calcium being sold for human consumption is Calcium Carbonate. Any nutrition expert can tell you that Calcium Carbonate is a very poor choice in which to obtain your daily, dietary intake of calcium.

Calcium carbonate is nearly non-absorbable and may contain toxic heavy metals. It is often used in the manufacture of cement, chalk, and lawn fertilizer.

Recently, Coral Calcium has been praised on infomercials, websites, and various advertisements as being the best form and quality of calcium available. Actually, Coral Calcium is better suited for lawncare than healthcare. Coral Calcium and calcium carbonate are the same! Save your money and your health – steer clear of Coral Calcium. Ionic Calcium is the smart alternative - completely absorbable. [© 2004 W.I.N., Inc.]

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