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WIN-Daily™ - The Multivitamin for Winners™
Multi-Vitamin & Super-Nutrient Formula
Additive-Free Dietary Supplement
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American Made Product

WIN-Daily™ Supplement Facts Label (Click for Popup Window)

WIN-Daily™ is a complete multi-vitamin, digestive enzyme, and mineral-rich supplement.

Purest Additive-Free Multivitamin Available - Best Body Fuel


Nutritional professionals, medical doctors, and scientists agree that taking a daily multi-vitamin supplement can be an inexpensive and effective way to safeguard your health. World Image Naturals™ believes that the purity and effectiveness of multi-vitamins is equally important. A poorly formulated multi-vitamin may provide a false sense of security and, more importantly, lead to unwanted health problems. The quantity and quality of life that one enjoys is directly related to the daily intake of nutrients. WIN-Daily™ will provide your body with the much-needed nutrients to enhance and protect your health.

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Vitamin A

Vitamin A is best known for promoting healthy eyesight, particularly night vision. It also improves the body's resistance to infection by maintaining the health of the skin and mucous membranes preventing harmful bacteria and viruses from entering the body. It is vital to the growth of bones, cell division, and reproduction. Vitamin A is an important catalyst for innumerable biochemical processes. Protein, minerals, and water-soluble vitamins cannot be properly utilized without vitamin A. Many supplements contain "pre-formed" vitamin A such as retinol and reinyl esters, which can be toxic. The vitamin A in WIN-Daily™ is from non-toxic beta-carotene.

Vitamin C

Unlike most animals, human beings are unable to manufacture their own Vitamin C from glucose; therefore, it must be obtained daily through food and supplementation. Animals that can make their own Vitamin C are able to increase production in response to stress, infection, or free radical toxins. Because humans must obtain Vitamin C from outside sources, our diet alone may not provide adequate amounts of Vitamin C, especially in times of stress or illness. The use of tobacco also greatly decreases the absorption of Vitamin C - making it very important for those who smoke (or who live with those who smoke) to get additional amounts of Vitamin C. Carbon monoxide also destroys Vitamin C - making it extremely important for those living in the city to increase their intake as well.

Vitamin C is one of the most commonly used supplements known to many people for its widespread association with the common cold. However, the benefits of Vitamin C reach far beyond its connection with the common cold. It is the strongest antioxidant normally present in the body. It prevents oxygen and free radicals from damaging tissues. Vitamin C is necessary for the production of proteins, collagen and elastin, which strengthen arteries, bones, teeth, cartilage and other tissues. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron, helps lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol, and reduces the effects of some allergy-producing substances.

It is important that Vitamin C be taken with bioflavonoids. Without bioflavonoids, Vitamin C may not be properly assimilated into the body. WIN-Daily™ is formulated with Citrus Bioflavonoids to work together with Vitamin C. WIN-Daily™ contains enough Vitamin C for daily health maintenance; however, those who need the benefits of more Vitamin C may add World Image Naturals™ Vitamin C Extra to their daily supplementation for increased benefits.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is unusual in that the human body can synthesize it through the skin when the exposed to sunlight. Because most people, particularly the elderly, spend much of their time indoors, studies have demonstrated nearly 60% of people over 70 are vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is important for the formation and health of bone and is essential for the absorption of calcium. The two types of vitamin D commonly found in supplements are D2 and D3. D2, known as ergocalciferol, is produced by plants. D3 is produced by animals. WIN-Daily™ contains only vitamin D2.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is needed for circulation, tissue repair, and healing. When taken daily, it also appears to slow the aging process. Vitamin E has strong antioxidant properties - protecting tissues from oxygen damage. However, in many instances, the full antioxidant benefits of vitamin E may not be derived through diet alone - daily supplementation seems to be necessary to achieve the full benefits of vitamin E. WIN-Daily™ contains a highly effective, natural form of Vitamin E for optimum benefits.

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Vitamin B-1 (Thiamin)

Vitamin B-1 (Thiamin) helps fuel the body by converting blood sugar into energy. It keeps mucous membranes healthy, and is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous, cardiovascular, and muscular systems.

Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin)

Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin) works with the other B vitamins to process carbohydrates, protein and fats. It is needed for the growth and production of red blood cells and promotes healthy skin and vision.

Vitamin B-3 (Niacin)

Vitamin B-3 (niacin) helps the digestive system function, and promotes healthy appetite, skin and nerves. Some people experience a flush feeling when supplementing with Niacin. To help with this problem, WIN-Daily™ contains a special, non-flushing form of Niacin.

Vitamin B-5 (Pantothenic Acid)

Vitamin B-5 (Pantothenic Acid) plays an important role the production of adrenal hormones and is required for the formation of antibodies. It assists in metabolism of carbohydrates, protein and fats, and produces neurotransmitters that are required for proper nerve and muscle performance.

Vitamin B-6

Vitamin B-6 helps brain function and converts protein to energy. It works with B-9 (Folic Acid) and B-12 to reduce homocysteine levels. High homocysteine levels are believed to be the culprit in many cardiovascular problems.

Vitamin B-8 (Biotin)

Vitamin B-8 (Biotin) is a major component in the natural hair growth process - helping produce healthy hair and prevent graying and balding. It plays a major role in the overall health of the skin and nails. Biotin may also improve sugar control by improving blood sugar utilization.

Vitamin B-9 (Folic Acid)

Vitamin B-9 (Folic Acid) helps cells divide, forms hemoglobin (which carries oxygen in red blood cells), and keeps homocysteine levels low - this may provide protection against heart disease and stroke.

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 works with Folic Acid to produce healthy red blood cells, and promotes a healthy nervous system.

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Vitamin K

Vitamin K is needed for blood clotting, and it plays an important role in the formation of bone. It may also help prevent bone loss in postmenopausal women. It regulates calcium, protects the heart and prevents calcification of arteries. Some Vitamin K is synthesized by intestinal bacteria. Therefore, supplementation may be especially important for those on certain antibiotic treatments.

Vitamin P (Citrus Bioflavonoids)

Vitamin P is water-soluble bioflavonoid compounds that enhance the absorption of Vitamin C - to promote healing and protection of blood capillaries. They stimulate bile production, lower cholesterol levels, regulate menstrual flow, help prevent cataracts, and have anti-viral, anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial effects.


Lutein is an antioxidant that helps defend against damage to your eyes, skin, and other organ tissue. There have been over 300 studies connecting Lutein with benefits to the eyes, skin, and heart. It is the primary carotenoid present in the area of the retina called the macula. Particular interest with Lutein has been associated with reducing the risk of age related macular degeneration - the leading cause of vision loss among older Americans. Lutein seems to act as filter protecting the retina from damaging forms of light. Based upon recent observations, researchers speculate that Lutein switches off carcinogenic activity and boosts immune functioning. Other benefits of Lutein may include prevention of clogged arteries, delayed lung aging, and arthritis relief.


Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals which damage the body's cells. It is one of the best nutrients for protecting, maintaining and enhancing the health of the prostate. The body cannot manufacture Lycopene and therefore must get it from foods and supplementation. Other benefits of Lycopene include lower risk of heart disease, boosted immune function, improvement of skin texture, protection from damage of UV light, and reduced risk of cancer. Tomatoes are thought to be a good source of Lycopene. However, in tomatoes, Lycopene is tightly bound to indigestible fiber - rendering little of it as bioavailable. WIN-Daily™ provides bioavailable Lycopene.

Proprietary Mineral-Rich Super-Nutrient Blend

WIN-Daily™ is specially-formulated to include a mineral-rich, super-nutrient blend that provides the enzymes, nutrients, and minerals required for the processing and absorption of vitamins (and synergistic nutritional support). No compound-minerals (mined rock and metal powders - commonly found in many vitamin supplements) are used in WIN-Daily™. Compound-minerals (generally a mineral with a name following it - e.g. calcium carbonate) can be very difficult or impossible to digest, and may become problematic to health. Instead, WIN-Daily™ provides a powerhouse of mineral-rich nutrients for daily health needs. For higher levels of minerals, it is recommended that one supplement with additional amounts of Crystalloid Ionic Minerals.

WIN-Daily™ Supplement Facts Label (Click for Popup Window)

(Be sure to read the "Other Ingredients" listed on any competitor's labels.)

Wheat Grass (Gluten Free)

Wheat Grass is a powerhouse of nutrition. Just a little wheat grass (less than a teaspoon) contains the nutritional value of nearly 2 pounds of fresh vegetables. It has a wide range of nutrients, including minerals (at least 98 earth elements) which are the foundation of health and required by vitamins for utilization in the body. Nutrients found in Wheat Grass include: various vitamins, calcium, cobalt, iron, magnesium, oxygen (from chlorophyll) phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sulfur, zinc, enzymes (nearly 30 kinds), and complete protein (20 amino acids).

Wheat Grass differs from wheat in that Wheat Grass is a vegetable and wheat is a grain. Wheat Grass does not contain any gluten, which is generally responsible for wheat allergies.

The following benefits may be experienced from supplementing with Wheat Grass: antibacterial protection, antioxidant activity, bone growth, carcinogen and toxin neutralization, circulation enhancement, digestion aid, hemoglobin production, blood pressure reduction, immune system support, skin revitalization, wound healing, and more.

The Wheat Grass in WIN-Daily™ provides vital nutrients to help facilitate the uptake of vitamins and nutrients in your body for optimum health.

Rice Bran

Rice Bran has a wide range of health benefits. It contains over 70 anti-oxidants that protect against cellular damage. It improves the vitality of internal organs such as the thymus, spleen, adrenals, and thyroid. It lowers high blood-sugar levels, boosts respiratory function, reduces cholesterol and triglycerides, and helps detoxify the body. It is the only food that contains meaningful amounts of Gamma-Oryzanol - a powerful anti-oxidant that helps convert fat to muscle. Rice bran is also a valuable source of lecithin, a substance needed for proper brain function.

MSM or MethylSulfonylMethane

MSM is a form of natural-occurring nutritional sulfur. MSM is necessary for collagen synthesis. Collagen is the primary support of bone, cartilage, connective tissue, skin, and tendons. MSM keeps cells from becoming rigid. It softens tissue, and is believed to help with stress, asthma, arthritis, inflammation, constipation, candida, body detoxification, circulation, muscle cramps, pain, tissue healing, energy, alertness, mental calmness, and the ability to concentrate. MSM scavenges free radicals (bad cells), relieves allergies to food and pollens, helps the liver produce choline (which helps regulate mood, appetite, behavior, and memory), reduces stomach acidity and ulcers, flushes out parasites, improves hypersensitivity to drugs, helps insulin production, and is important for carbohydrate metabolism, and wound healing.

WIN-Daily™ contains a measured amount of MSM to provide synergistic support for the uptake of vitamins and other minerals and nutrients - for the facilitation of the above benefits. For those who desire the full benefits of MSM, they should also supplement with Original-MSM™.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are required by the body for proper digestion and the absorption of nutrients. Without enzymes, it is impossible to sustain life. Many people lack digestive enzymes because of poor diets, processed and refined foods, and environmental toxins.

Some of the most common problems associated with enzyme deficiency include: bloating, gas, heartburn, indigestion, and mal-nutrition. There is no limit to the problems that can occur as a result of poor digestion from inadequate enzyme levels.

Benefits of supplementing with digestive enzymes include: proper digestion, help with bloating, gas, and heartburn, controlling candida overgrowth, and help with skin problems. Just as the problems associated with lack of digestion are numerous, so are the benefits of supplementing with digestive enzymes.

WIN-Daily™ contains a full spectrum of digestive enzymes as follows: Amylase (for processing carbohydrates; starches), Cellulase (for processing fiber), Lactase (for processing milk sugars), Lipase (for processing fats), and Protease (for processing protein).

Ionic Trace Minerals

Trace minerals are required by the body for every physical and neurological function. The Ionic Trace Minerals in WIN-Daily™ are ionic (charged and water-soluble) and angstrom sized (small enough to permeate human cells).

WIN-Daily™ contains sufficient amounts of Ionic Trace Minerals (forming electrolytes) including: boron, chromium, cobalt, copper, iodine, potassium, manganese, selenium, silica, sodium, and zinc. For more information on minerals, please visit

Try WIN-Daily™ Today - Experience the Difference!

WIN-Daily™ is all that is needed in a multi-vitamin - minus all the undesirable and ineffective ingredients found in other supplements. WIN-Daily™ provides a powerhouse of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and nutrients for daily supplementation for optimum health. WIN-Daily™ is 100% additive-free and suitable for vegetarians.

Start with your health!
Without health, everything else you want to do is impossible.
WIN-Daily™ - The Multivitamin for Winners!™

World Image Naturals™ WIN-Daily™ - Experience the Difference!

Additive-Free Made in the USA Safe Most Effective Great Price

WIN-Daily™ Supplement Facts Label (Click for Popup Window)

(Be sure to read the "Other Ingredients" listed on any competitor's labels.)
Don't be fooled by so-called Whole Food vitamins - read their labels - beware of additives!

WIN-Daily™ - 100 Vegetable Capsules
Suggested Use: Three capsules daily (taken together) - 33-day supply in each bottle.

WIN-Daily™ is a complete multi-vitamin, digestive enzyme, and mineral-rich supplement.

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100 Capsules
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Grape Seed Extract
20x Stronger than Vit C
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Grape Seed Extract
20x Stronger than Vit C
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