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Ionic Crystalloid Angstrom-Sized Minerals
Additive-Free Dietary Supplements
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American Made Product


Water-Soluble Ionic Crystalloid Minerals

World Image Naturals™ provides the purest form of minerals on the market. Like those found in nutritious plants, these mineral supplements are in a form which is completely absorbable by the body - unlike compound, chelated and colloidal minerals (which may cause harmful, toxic buildup). A mineral that is not small enough (absorbable) for the body to use remains in the bloodstream and may cause disease. Our bodies are meant to absorb and use minerals, discharging any waste. Water-soluble minerals are essential to physical and mental health. Minerals are required for the proper function of every system of the body. Due to mineral (nutrient) depleted soils, unnatural farming techniques, premature harvests (to hurry to market) and poor handling and storage of food, many are experiencing health problems due to mineral deficiencies. Water-soluble, ionic minerals are recommended for daily use, to give the body the much needed minerals required for optimum health and well-being.

Calcium / Copper / Gold / Magnesium / Silver
Stabilized Oxygen / Water of Life / Zinc

Facts About These Minerals

  • smaller than an angstrom!
  • highest absorbability available!
  • no toxic buildup!
  • for internal and external use!
  • bioavailable now - direct to bloodstream*

*Minerals from plants must be digested in the stomach.

These Water-Soluble, Ionic Mineral Supplements do not contain artificial colors or flavors, fragrances, additives, preservatives, sodium or fat.  They are hypoallergenic and suitable for vegetarians.


Calcium Mineral Supplement (16 Fluid Ounces)

Calcium is one of the most essential biochemical elements needed in human nutrition. It is required by every organ of the body.  Because it is used in almost every function of the body, it is commonly deficient in our diet.  Calcium is one of the first elements to go out of balance when the diet is inadequate.  Calcium promotes healing, counteracts acids, helps regulate metabolism and raises the body's resistance to viruses, parasites and bacteria.  Calcium is used in forming bones, proper formation of teeth, nerve impulse transmission, blood coagulation, muscle contraction and more. This product contain pure Calcium (Ca) in water-soluble form!  Note that Calcium Carbonate* (and other calcium compounds found in many store-bought supplements) is (are) not elemental Calcium - rather compounds.  The body has extreme difficulty breaking down calcium carbonate.  Calcium carbonate is chalk - also used in making cement! Water-soluble calcium is the best form of calcium for the body. [See also Magnesium] - Click here for more information about Calcium.

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Chromium Mineral Supplement (16 Fluid Ounces)

Chromium deficiency is a major factor in the development of heart disease. Chromium is stored principally in the kidneys, spleen and testes, with trace amounts found in the heart, lungs, brain and pancreas. The body can not easily absorb chromium, and the ability to store it in the body decreases with age. Chromium helps the body regulate metabolism, insulin, and blood sugar levels. It helps the body lose weight by stimulating enzymes that metabolize glucose for energy. It also plays an important role in the liver during the synthesis of fatty acids. When the body is deficient in chromium, twice as much time is needed for insulin to remove glucose from the blood. Chromium enhances insulin performance and glucose utilization and helps carry protein. Refined sugar causes the body to deplete chromium more rapidly. Strenuous exercise can also deplete chromium levels. The refining of starches and carbohydrates robs foods of chromium. Chromium works best if taken before meals.

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Copper Mineral Supplement (16 Fluid Ounces)

Copper is recognized as an essential trace element for humans as well as nearly all other living organisms. It assists in the transportation of iron and the formation of hemoglobin. A copper deficiency, like an iron deficiency, can lead to anemia. Copper is needed for the proper formation of the myelin sheath, the fatty substance that surrounds and protects nerve cells. (Multiple sclerosis is a degeneration of the myelin sheath). Copper helps rid the body of parasites and is required for various enzyme reactions. It is also beneficial for graying and thinning hair. [See also Zinc]

Cells with normal levels of copper kill two to three times more bacteria 
and dramatically boost the immune system, than cells with low copper levels, 
according to researchers  at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

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Gold Mineral Supplement (16 Fluid Ounces)

Gold improves glandular function, enhances the body's natural defenses against illness and promotes a general euphoric feeling of well-being. It may also have anti-inflammatory effects.

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Magnesium Mineral Supplement (16 Fluid Ounces)

Magnesium a major factor in our bodies and is involved in the activation of at least three hundred enzymes and body chemicals. It regulates the absorption of calcium and the heart's ability to beat, yet it is the most commonly deficient mineral in the U.S. diet. Magnesium is called the "anti-stress mineral" mineral because it aids in relaxing nerves, reliving tension, assisting in digestion, and regulating muscle contraction and relaxation. Water-soluble, ionic magnesium aids in the growth and maintenance of healthy bones, aids in the function of nerves, ligaments and muscles and assists the body's uptake of both potassium and calcium. The is product contains pure Magnesium (Mg) in water-soluble form - unlike other magnesium-compound supplements on the market.

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Selenium Mineral Supplement (16 Fluid Ounces)

Selenium's primary function is that of protection. It is a potent antioxidant that naturally reduces the retention of toxic metals in the body. It protects the body from an array of harmful substances by breaking down toxins, binding heavy metals such as cadmium and mercury and protecting cells from damage by free radicals. Selenium strengthens immunity, enhances longevity, and detoxifies environmental pollutants. As an antioxidant and detoxifier it appears to work synergistically with Vitamin E to protect the body against damage that leads to heart disease and stroke. Selenium deficiency is a growing problem due in part to the leaching of the soil by modern agricultural methods and environmental pollution. People living in areas with decreased amounts of selenium in the soil have an increased incidence of heart disease.

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Silver Mineral Supplement (16 Fluid Ounces)

Silver has been used for health care for thousands of years. It is believed to be a systemic disinfectant that works like a secondary immune system killing harmful bacteria. Silver kills only anaerobic or nitrogen breathing bacteria leaving the oxygen breathing (aerobic) or "friendly" bacteria in the digestive tract immune. Silver Mineral Supplement is in the crystalline (absorbable) form found in plants. It is water-soluble and does not build up in the body like colloidal silver can. Colloidal silver particles are too large for the body to use and discharge. Silver can be used externally on cuts, scrapes, bites, skin problems, and more. Internally silver may be beneficial for sore throats, infections, intestinal trouble, immune system support and more. Silver has long been used as a method of water purification.

Warning: Be sure to use only angstrom-sized, Ionic Silver (above). Colloidal Silver products have particles too large for the body to use and discharge. Our Silver Mineral Supplement is water-soluble so that silver does not build up in your system like colloidal silver (which can be harmful to your health). Colloidal silver particles are charged (positive) particles which are simply suspended in solution. Our Silver Mineral Supplement is crystalline (absorbable) as in the form found in plants. Our water-soluble Silver Mineral Supplement is absorbable!

THIS IS NOT *COLLOIDAL SILVER OR SILVER SALTS - IT IS BETTER! - [*colloidal silver can be harmful!]

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Stabilized Oxygen - Electrolytes of Oxygen (4 Fluid Ounces, 120-day supply)

Stabilized Oxygen (OxyDrops) is the strongest and most stable of all liquid "electrolytes of oxygen" now on the market. It is a wealth of energetic oxygen to be immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. Stabilized Oxygen works so well because of its specific "enzyme enhancing" qualities of the chlorite ion. Stabilized Oxygen provides your body with a remarkably stable form of chlorite, which is chlorine and oxygen. (This is not the unhealthy form of chlorine that is encountered in swimming pools, rather a stabilized form of pure chlorine and oxygen). Note the most abundant element found in healthy human blood is chlorine. Stabilized Oxygen not only provides a wealth of energetic dissolved oxygen to be immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, but you have a specific "oxidizer" of chlorite and chlorine dioxide destroying viruses, bad bacteria and protozoa. Stabilized Oxygen has been proven effective in killing salmonella, cholera, E Coli, streptococcus, pseudomonas and staphylococcus aureus. Also, many use Stabilized Oxygen to purify their water when traveling.

[NOTE ABOUT COMPARING "VITAMIN O" TO STABILIZED OXYGEN: Stabilized Oxygen is made from Sodium Chlorite. "Vitamin O" is made from Sodium Chloride. The difference between the two are that they are both made by different processes and are completely different compounds. Sodium Chloride (Vitamin O) is NaCI : 1 molecule sodium and 1 molecule chlorine. Sodium Chlorite (Stabilized Oxygen) is NaCIO2 : 1 molecule sodium, 1 molecule chlorine and 2 molecules Oxygen. That means well over 2 times more oxygen for your money and well-being.] World Image Naturals™ is committed to providing you the best!

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Vanadium Mineral Supplement (16 Fluid Ounces)

Vanadium regulates the circulatory system, helps reduce cholesterol levels and buildup in the central nervous system, lowers elevated blood sugar, and is believed to help reduce the incidence of heart attack. When used in combination with chromium it has been found to be very beneficial in dealing with the mineral deficiencies found in blood sugar/insulin regulation problems.

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Water of Life Mineral Supplement (16 Fluid Ounces)

Water of Life Mineral Supplement is a liquid concentrate of 4000+/- parts per million of a natural assortment of approximately 84 minerals in a water-soluble form. It is produced using advanced technology and proprietary methods utilizing the purest minerals from prehistoric fossilized kelp deposits. Water of Life is water-soluble not "colloidal" (which can be toxic). No artificial color, flavor, or fragrance, additives or preservatives are used. It contains no sodium or fat and is hypoallergenic and suitable for vegetarians. Unlike other mineral products targeted to specific health needs, Water of Life is a perfect nutritional supplement for overall body maintenance. - Click here for more information about Water of Life.

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Zinc Mineral Supplement (16 Fluid Ounces)

Zinc is found in virtually every cell in the body. It moves through all the bodily fluids creating a defense against infection-causing bacteria and viruses trying to enter the body. Proper levels of zinc help to maintain normal taste and sense of smell and aid in wound healing. It also helps in the transfer of carbon dioxide from the cells to the lungs for exhalation. Zinc is essential to cell growth and development and is especially important for proper fetal development. Pica, a condition in which children, and sometimes women, crave indigestible items, such as dirt or paint, may be associated with zinc deficiency.  Zinc works with Vitamin A in vision. People have trouble adjusting their eyes to see in the dark without proper levels of zinc. Zinc competes with copper for absorption therefore; zinc supplementation over a long period of time should be combined with copper supplementation.

Ionic Mineral Supplements - Experience the Difference!

100% Pure Additive-Free   Made in the USA Safe Most Effective Great Price

Ionic Mineral Supplements
Suggested Use: One tablespoon daily - 30-day supply in each bottle.
Stabilized Oxygen Use: 10 drops daily - 120-day supply.

Description Amount Cost Savings $ Per Bottle Your Price Secure Order
Ionic Mineral Supplement
16 Fl. Ounces
1 Bottle $29.95 ($7.00) ($22.95) $22.95
Ionic Mineral Supplement
16 Fl. Ounces
1 Bottle $29.95 ($7.00) ($22.95) $22.95
Ionic Mineral Supplement
16 Fl. Ounces
1 Bottle $29.95 ($7.00) ($22.95) $22.95
Ionic Mineral Supplement
16 Fl. Ounces
1 Bottle $29.95 ($7.00) ($22.95) $22.95
Ionic Mineral Supplement
16 Fl. Ounces
1 Bottle $29.95 ($7.00) ($22.95) $22.95
Stabilized Oxygen Supplement
4 Fl. Ounces
1 Bottle $20.95 ($5.00) ($15.95) $15.95
Water of Life
Multimineral Supplement
16 Fl. Ounces
1 Bottle $29.95 ($7.00) ($22.95) $22.95
Ionic Mineral Supplement
16 Fl. Ounces
1 Bottle $29.95 ($7.00) ($22.95) $22.95
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